Message Boards

Rice Lake LaserLight M-Series

Messaging Remote Display

Power up a SURVIVOR® LaserLight remote display   M-Series messaging display in your application and the benefits of its bright, high-intensity display and non-glare lens are immediately visible. From a fog concealed truck scale, to the smoke and dust of a foundry or steel mill, the LaserLight’s LED display provides sharp, easyto-read images of your critical weight process values. You’ll never experience wash-out in direct sunlight or lose visibility in dark conditions again, because the LaserLight uses an IntelliBright™ sensing feature that automatically adjusts the display for optimal viewing in any lighting condition.

Vividly display or scroll alphanumeric characters using the M-Series Messaging Remote Display. For applications both indoors and out, the bright red 2.75" characters are hard to miss.

Matko Message Signs

SBML Series

These Outdoor/Indoor Displays are used to Display messages as well as weights. Message signs can be controlled by one or two serial data lines as well as a switch to select from up to 8 messages stored in memory.

Matko Message Signs can be controlled by a continuous data stream for applications such as weight display, or can be programmed to scroll through multiple messages with the Matko Message Sign software. For applications with a limited number of fixed messages, an option for a rotary switch or series of push buttons can be added to select between factory programmed messages.