Tech Tips


Set Time Check Power
Check Clearance Weather
Change Ribbon  


For Equipment: GSE 460 or higher weight indicator

The GSE Truck Scale Program is designed to allow the operator to weigh trucks and print
tickets with the truck id number, the gross, tare, and net weights, and the time/date.
From Gross Weight Display Mode
1. Press [Select] key until time and date are on display.
2. Press [Enter]. The date will now be displayed by itself.
3. If the date is correct, press [Enter]. Proceed to step 6.
4. To change the date, key in the new date in this format: MM.DD.YY and press
[Enter]. The time will now be displayed by itself. Note: Decimal points are required
between month-day-year.
5. If the time is correct, press [Enter]. Proceed to step 7.
6. To change the time, key in the new time in this format: HH.MM or HH.MM.SS and
press [Enter]. Note: Decimal points are required between hours-minutes-seconds.
Time is kept in 24-hour clock format, so pm times are entered in this format: HH =
13 (1 pm), HH =14 (2pm), etc.
7. Time and date are now shown together again. The time and date are now set.
Press [Enter] and then press [Select] to return to Gross Weight Display Mode.


Check Power source and Battery Back Up

  • Battery Backups and/or surge protectors can fail

Scale equipment should have a dedicated circuit. Additional devices on the same circuit can affect scale performance. Some of the items that may affect scale are:

  • Fluorescent light ballasts

  • Refrigerators

  • Microwaves

  • A/C Units

  • Heaters

  • Grain Probes

  • Other motor driven devices or items with large draw on start up


Verify that Scale has Proper Clearances

The scale platform is “live”, so any obstructions will limit scale capability

  • Check for debris wedged in, rubbing against, or under scale. Pay special attention to keeping the ends of the scale debris free.

  • If you have a PIT scale, inspect pit for water and scale gaps for proper clearances. Also check for water under scale components, such as levers and suspensions and/or load cells and links.


  • Weather

  • Windy conditions can effect scale – ie: scale tickets will not print until the scale platform is stable.

  • Snow and ice on deck adds weight to scale. Clear scale deck and zero scale.

  • Negative weights may indicate that ends of scale are frozen, prohibiting proper operation.   


How to install a replacement ribbon on an Epson TM-U295

Use an Epson ERC-27 ribbon cassette

(available from Cream City Scale P/N: C-0916-B).

  • Turn the printer on using the power switch on the left side

  • Press the RELEASE button (the RELEASE LED lights). This puts printer in the paper release mode

  • Turn the printer off

  • Open front cover

  • Remove old ribbon by pulling straight out

  • Inspect new ribbon to make sure there are no creases, or it is not twisted

  • Insert the new ribbon (will need to line up correctly)

  • Replace front cover